Our Shiba Inu

Rion got her Thailand Champion

Proundly Present New Champion

TH.CH.Ryuon go darumakensha Thailand

Best Of Breed x 6
Best Junior In Breed x 8
Reserved Best Of Breed x 4

ブリーダー : 中元恵子さん

龍音号 【尾張吉野荘】
花梨姫号【信州ヤマヤ犬舎】x 赤根の龍源号【赤根川辰巳荘】


This show 30-31/1/2016

4 x Best Of Breed

4 x Best Junior In Breed !


In Show 12-14 Feb 2016
All this show
2xBest Of Breed
6xBest Junior In Breed
4xReserved Best Of Breed


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